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Bangers & Mash

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Several years ago, Mike and I enjoyed a quick trip to London.  My good friend Rebecca lives outside of London proper, but popped into the city to treat us to lunch at a fancy restaurant.  In typical American fashion, we eschewed the fancy and ordered pub style lunch.  And in typical British fashion, Rebecca didn’t flinch.  I lived in London, which now seems a lifetime ago, for several years.  I always ordered bangers and mash […]

Hungarian Goulash

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The first signs of autumn has meandered on to our ranch. Cool evenings, transitioning to near frosty nights. Just the kind of weather that gets me back into the mood for hearty stews and slow cooked meats Hungarian Goulash 2 1/2 lbs stew meat (beef or venison)– cut into cubes {at least 1″} 1/2 cup (about) all purpose flour for dredging olive oil 1 large onion–cut in half then thinly sliced in have moons 10-12 […]

Haggis Reimagined

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Across the pond and north a bit, January 25th is a big deal. Burn’s Night. It is a night, in deference to a favored Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Revelry is compulsory. And so is haggis. Words are read, songs are sung and haggis is served. Prepared haggis is difficult to find. This year I set out to make my own version. Although true to the spirit, its authenticity can be called to question. It is […]