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Fresh from the Field Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin pie and I have made a bit of a journey together. Up until a decade or so ago, I used canned pumpkin and its accompanying recipe for my pie. It was good. Libby’s had a bit of a lock on the pumpkin pie market and deservedly so. Canned pumpkin, canned milk, sugar, eggs, spices. Easy as pie, right? It wasn’t until I started buying sugar pumpkins, at the farmer’s market, and subsequently growing my […]

Bourbon Pecan Hand Pies

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derby hand pie

The season is starting. The season where you would rather be standing at the first turn cheering your horse, than sitting inside, fork in hand. This weekend is a race and event, anticipated like Christmas and filled with tradition. Every Southerner I know has a menu they serve every year, and their favorite milliner on speed dial. In breaking with tradition, this year, I am servingg hand held derby-like pies. In your left hand a […]

Banoffee Brulee Bites

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Ican’t resist this perfect little bite. It is decadence in a shot. With a crackly pop of burnt sugar crust, they are irresistible. Fix a few for the person you love; especially, if it is you. Banoffee Brulee Bites 1 recipe chocolate sable recipe here 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate-melted dulce due leche prepared or 1 can sweetened condensed milk small tub mascarpone bananas sugar freshly grated nutmeg edible gold leaf (optional) If you are making […]