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Pumpkin Pots de Creme

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I‘m not much for the pumpkin spice hype that comes in play at the first sign of frost. I am however, a pumpkin fiend. I love it sweet, I love it savory. With butter, as butter, warm and spicy; it brings me joy. While we have ripe pumpkins coming off the vine this early September, I’m not quite ready to jump head first into pie mode. This time of year, when it is warm during […]

Lemon Curd

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I have been waxing lyrical about lemon curd for days. Finally, the desire had become so overwhelming, I took matters into my own hand. It was time. My counter top had become over-run with duck eggs, a basket of lemons was prepping for it siren song to the fruit fly migration, and I can only stand the thoughts in my head for so long. The hue of this curd is overwhelmingly beautiful and true. It […]

Pistachio Blancmange

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Ten years ago, more or less, I was a successful executive living the dream. You know the one: where every aspect of your life is a tax write-off because Evenings were spent dreaming about my dreams; swaying on the back of a pachyderm, floating in rivers, briny air and olives of the mediterranean, french sweets and moroccan spices. A day of rest. That was another lifetime. One which inspires gratitude because; you can’t know […]