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Coconut Frozen Yogurt

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I‘m going to tell you a secret.  Frozen yogurt is supposed to taste like yogurt that is frozen. It isn’t supposed to taste like sweet cream, or air.  It is a rule that a nation of serve yourself fro-yo stores doesn’t know. Allegedly. Because we have dairy goats, this recipe uses goat yogurt, but you can substitute with cow or sheep as you like.  The end result has a yogurt tang to it…which is intentional. […]

Pistachio-Strawberry Ice Cream

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A warm winter makes way for an early harvest of strawberries. Meandering down a country road this weekend passed,i happened across a roadside stand loaded with berries and heaps of pistachios,locally grown. To keep up with our highly productive flock, I find myself dreaming up custards. frozen custards. Frozen custards made from backyard eggs, fresh milk and farmstand goodies. pistachio-strawberry swirl ice cream 1 cup unsalted (roasted and shelled) pistachios 1 1/2 cups milk 1 […]

Huckleberry Ice Cream

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Huckleberries are hard to come by. Competing with bears after a long hilly hike, just ain’t my thing. Luckily, those whom are “into it” are willing to share; with one little caveat, my dealer, is 1200 miles away. Traveling for a case of berries. Now, that is my thing. Huckleberries are a bit like blueberries, with more punch of flavor. Sweet with a tinge of sour, no pucker. Just enough to wet your whistle. This […]