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Strawberry Balsamic Shrub

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My childhood summers had one constant; my grandparents. Although maybe not the true reality, I remember our last day of school coincided with their arrival; The grandparents, all 4 of them (yes, both sets) ready to take on the summer in California. My Grandma Grace, oh how fitting that name was for this amazing woman; each and every summer night, wandered into the kitchen with pin curls in her hair in a perfectly pressed house […]

Sugared Oranges

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A couple of weeks ago my good friend Julie handed me two grocery bags stuffed full of blood oranges. Gobs and gobs of amazingly sweet, stunningly hued orbs of delight. Best part. They were all mine. For the past fortnight, I have been concocting all sorts in my kitchen. First up: sugared oranges. Sugared Oranges *to make approx 9 pint jars blood oranges-or thin skinned oranges (this recipe uses about 180-200 orange slices) granulated sugar […]