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My Cheesy Manifesto

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There is a huge difference between following a recipe and understanding why the recipe follows the path it does. Cheese making is a blend of science and art. I have been making cheese for quite sometime. I have success, and I have failure. The problem was that I didn’t really understand why; if following the same process time and time again, the results would prove different. The variables in cheese making are complex. There are […]

Feta Cheese

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Making cheese can be labor intensive, but it is not difficult. It requires attention to detail, a super clean work area, a few specialty ingredients, and patience. Feta cheese is aged in a brine; making it salty and creamy. Feta Cheese 1 gallon pasterized goat’s milk (do not use ultra-pasterized) 1/4 tsp aroma B mesophillic starter 4 drops (double strength*) rennet 1/4 cup non-chlorinated (bottled) water butter muslin flake sea salt or kosher salt for […]