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Coconut Frozen Yogurt

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I‘m going to tell you a secret.  Frozen yogurt is supposed to taste like yogurt that is frozen. It isn’t supposed to taste like sweet cream, or air.  It is a rule that a nation of serve yourself fro-yo stores doesn’t know. Allegedly. Because we have dairy goats, this recipe uses goat yogurt, but you can substitute with cow or sheep as you like.  The end result has a yogurt tang to it…which is intentional. […]

Creme Fraiche

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No story. No fancy words. Just a simple plea. make.your.own. and Creme Fraiche 3 cups heavy cream–room temperature 6 Tbs plain greek yogurt–room temperature Stir the yogurt into the heavy cream. Put into a glass jar and cover with a bit of cheesecloth (to keep out bugs and dust, but allow for airflow). Let sit draft free at room temperature for at least 12 hours and up to 36 hours. The longer you leave […]

Homemade Yogurt

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My mother is not a hippie. She would never be mistaken as “granola”. Birkenstocks have never graced her perfectly manicured feet. However, when I was a kid, the dogs were fed brewer’s yeast, our bread came from the health food store, red dye no. 2 was banned from the house, and our yogurt was homemade. I thought it was so lame. My friends were eating yogurt with dreamy flavors of coffee, chocolate, and lemon swirl, […]