Month: February 2011

Chocolate Malted Risotto

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custards & pudding / desserts & sweets / In the Kitchen

About last night. Mike and I returned from our stay at a farm watching lambs being born and bottle feeding those yet able to get their fill. We spent the days eating glorious fresh food; hoarding a small taste of what we hope our lives will be soon. Not the lamb part but a reason to be tethered to our home. As we rolled in to our lives in the city, I felt a yearning […]

How I Celebrate

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On the Road / travelogue

Today is my birthday. Kind of a big one, but not a milestone. If I live a nice long healthy life; today is the day I hit mid-life. Not too long ago, I heard someone say mid-life is not for a crisis but for readjustment. I like the idea. Look back see what worked well, what didn’t, and maneuver the next half of my life applying what I’ve learned. This year in celebration Mike and […]

Winter Harvest Salad

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In the Kitchen / salads

These past few days Mike has been ill with the flu, Which means, I get to eat what I like. And I like butternut squash and arugula. Winter Harvest Salad roasted butternut squash–roasted with olive oil and sea salt arugula cooked puy lentils (i buy mine at trader joes) goat cheese roasted and salted almonds–chopped Yogurt Date Dressing 2 pitted dates soaked in boiling water-just to cover 2 Tbs plain non-fat greek yogurt 1 Tbs […]