Month: March 2012

Chocolate Easter Eggs with a Surprise

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candy & chocolate / desserts & sweets / In the Kitchen

I have always loved those giant chocolate eggs from Italy. This time of year they line the shelves of my local Italian market. Large and hollow, a handful of small candies tossed in the cavernous hole, and wrapped in bright mylar paper. Easter basket ready. The real joy is breaking through the chocolate shell to see what goodies lay within. This year, i am giving the Easter Bunny a helping hand. Extra special chocolate filled […]

Antelope Guisado

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game meats / In the Kitchen / soups & stews

Once a year Mike indulges in a good ol’ fashioned boys on the hunt, Hunt. The kind where they pack in meals, stoke a fire for warmth, group lug fresh kill, and walk for hours, in wet woods. Apparently it is a bonding experience. I am happy my husband hunts. What makes me more happy? He doesn’t care to have me by his side. We have a deal. He field dresses whatever he takes down […]

Roasted Radish and Bacon Tartine

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In the Kitchen / sandwiches

Not so long ago, I roasted radish for a delicious salad. I loved it, but Mike did not. I wondered how a veggie lovin’ girl and a meat lovin’ guy could agree on radish. A radish referendum, if you will. Here it is. Radish mellowed by roasting; spiced with a sauce of its greens, layered on a toasted whole-grain raft and joined by bacon and soft goat cheese.