Month: July 2012

Chard & Ricotta Pie

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In the Garden / In the Kitchen / savory tarts / summer

When we are up at the cabin, I don’t always have a full larder. I do however, have a garden and a few cheats in the freezer. This invariably leads to simple and creative dinners. I was able to whip this up in a snap. Mostly because, our garden overflows with chard. Chard and Ricotta Pie 10 sheets filo dough olive oil grated parmesan 1 garlic clove–finely chopped 1/2 medium onion–finely chopped 2 Tbs olive […]

Lemon Lavender Cake

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cakes / desserts & sweets / In the Garden / In the Kitchen / summer

I love lavender-trimming day. Delicate buds not yet spent, but given their pollen to the bees, at the ready for culinary cajoling. I bundle the limping stalks, tacking my baker’s rack with lines of purple. A scent of Provence fills the air. I toss the dried buds in everything from simple syrup to custards, aioli to bitters, shortbread to biscotti. I especially love it in this cake. Lemon-Lavender Cake (this is a riff on a […]