Month: January 2013

Haggis Reimagined

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beef, lamb & pork / In the Kitchen

Across the pond and north a bit, January 25th is a big deal. Burn’s Night. It is a night, in deference to a favored Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Revelry is compulsory. And so is haggis. Words are read, songs are sung and haggis is served. Prepared haggis is difficult to find. This year I set out to make my own version. Although true to the spirit, its authenticity can be called to question. It is […]

Roasted Beet Soup

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In the Kitchen / soups & stews

I love borscht. Really i do. Especially on chilly nights when stick to your ribs is a necessity. Sometimes, however, I like my beet soup to be rich and creamy without the meatiness of a borscht. That is when I make this. It is vegetarian vegan if you don’t add the creme fraiche & butter. Light in heft, but not in flavor. Roasted Beet Soup 1 lb beets-peeled olive oil 2 leeks–white and light green […]

Scottish Kilt Placemats

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diy / In Our Home / In the Craftroom

I‘m planning a Burn’s Night’s supper. It happens on January 25th and is a night of literature, revelry and haggis. I thought it might be fun to have place settings that match the theme. Plaid and kilts seem very Scottish to me. these are time consuming, but easy for anyone with basic sewing skills. if you have any questions about the tutorial or method, please leave me a comment and i will get back to […]