Month: February 2013


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desserts & sweets / ice cream / In the Kitchen

Sometimes afternoons call for a snack; a pick me up that is both frozen and warm, and punched with caffeine. When the mood strikes, fix yourself one of these. Affogato vanilla ice cream shot of espresso This is not a sundae…nor it is meant to be a huge dessert. use a nice vanilla ice cream and give yourself a nice size scoop. While your shot of espresso is still warm (but not piping hot), pour […]

Banoffee Brulee Bites

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desserts & sweets / In the Kitchen / pies & tarts

Ican’t resist this perfect little bite. It is decadence in a shot. With a crackly pop of burnt sugar crust, they are irresistible. Fix a few for the person you love; especially, if it is you. Banoffee Brulee Bites 1 recipe chocolate sable recipe here 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate-melted dulce due leche prepared or 1 can sweetened condensed milk small tub mascarpone bananas sugar freshly grated nutmeg edible gold leaf (optional) If you are making […]