Month: January 2014

Jammy Almond Crumb Bars

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We live in the country. Not the county of estates and tag sales; but the country of pastures and dairy sheep. So when someone stops by; we wave them in, take their coat and sit them down with a hot cup of coffee and a sweet.These bars are a twist on the common crumble bar. I use whatever jam i have on hand. {usually something not too sweet loaded with bits of fruit} The twist […]

Gingerbread Bundt with Espresso Glaze

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cakes / desserts & sweets / In the Kitchen
a beautifully spiced cake with an amazing espresso glaze

Resolutions are not for me. I am all out of resolve by the time the new year rings its bell. Reflect? Recharge? yes Resolve? no way. Give me until spring. Meanwhile; i will sit by the fire, mug in hand, fork in mouth. I made this cake as part of a full buffet for a wedding. Full and heady with spice; it sticks to your ribs in a good way. {this recipe comes from Gramercy […]