Month: February 2015

Cupid’s Wings

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desserts & sweets / In the Kitchen

I find egg whites whipped, billowy and cloud-like, to be utterly satisfying.  They are a testament to the notion that desserts don’t have to be fussy to be extraordinary. Their only real requirement is a clean bowl and strong wrist.  On the ranch, eggs are readily available for a last minute fix.  This valentine’s day, I will use the yolks for a decadent frozen custard, and the whites for these ethereal wings. Meringue 3 large egg […]

Homemade Conversation Hearts

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candy & chocolate / desserts & sweets

Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without a conversation through candy hearts. I remember the days when hearts were carefully shared, making sure “i love you” didn’t get inadvertently passed, to a 4th grade crush. Also important: sharing only the good flavors. Anyone would shudder to see the object of her affection, chewing up and spitting out her heart. Ten years old is too young to fully understand foreshadowing. I am confident any valentine would appreciate […]