Top 9

I sometimes indulge in the contests and comparisons that run amok on social medai. It is always fun to look back and reflect on what went well, or better than. These are my top nine photos/posts from instagram for 2018. I am much more active on instagram, {you can find me @vicarious_ranch} than on the blog mostly because it is almost effortless. I aim to change that this year as one of my new year’s resolutions was to learn how to use all of the great graphic design tools….and how to create and update websites.

So..let’s all see how I do on this. I successfully revamped this website/blog… so basically, I’m a professional (she says with tongue firmly planted in cheek)

This collage pretty much reflects what we have going on here; we raise livestock and have gardens & orchards. We cook from scratch, most of the time, and we enjoy the beauty of this town we call home. There is so much to share, but today, it is just the top 9

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