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Gingerbread Marshmallows

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Roasting marshmallows is a year-round sport in my house. Sometimes, I just turn on the stove burner, load a fork, and fire away. Normally, eating ‘mallows out of hand is not my thing…I like a charred exterior and molten center. I do make an exception with these, as they are so good au natural, lightly toasted and dipped in chocolate, or as a float on your favorite hot beverage {even tea…especially tea}. Gingerbread Marshmallows 3/4 […]

Gingerbread Bundt with Espresso Glaze

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I disagree that enjoying gingerbread is a cold weather affair. Case in point; this cake. Not only rich and delicious, it is a great way to use up that lingering bottle of guiness a month past St. Paddy’s day. {this recipe comes from Gramercy Tavern…and developed by Claudia Fleming. I have made this recipe and the recipe in her book “The Last Course”. I prefer this one. I have made a couple very minor adjustments […]

Gingerbread Side Cars

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I have made gingerbread villages, chateaus, and houses for as long as I can remember. Last year I spotted little gingerbread houses perched on a mug at a blog called Not Martha. as far as I can tell–this is her original idea. Giddy and obsessed, as i have been known to get, I went to Mike to beg for help. He agreed to make cookie cutters so i wouldn’t have to knife cut each piece. […]